Monday, March 12, 2012

Cossab - Brew Pubs of Buenos Aires

Cossab deserves more prominence on the online lists you tend to find when searching for English info on beer in Buenos Aires. Sadly, it doesn’t always make an appearance. Sometimes I suspect that they might not have even gone and tried any of the beer they are writing about!

Boedo is not as famous as Palermo or as busy as the Microcentro, but it isn’t a neighbourhod that is hard to find. It is easily accessible by bus and subway. Beer is the best reason to go on an adventure if you have never been to Boedo or didn’t have plans to go already. Boedo is well known for the Abasto shopping center (it used to be the city’s main market and is now a gigantic mall) and as an area with many high quality tango shows.

The beer is very good and is definitely worth the trip. Cossab has been making beer for 9 years in Boedo and opened a second location in Urquiza that is less than a year old at the time of this writing.

I went with my brother and a friend and I really liked the Scotch ale. I promise to go back and update this post with more info on the beers. 

Here is an interview I did with the boss himself, Juan Ignacio Sabeckis. [note: the interview is translated from Spanish]

When was Cossab founded?

October 11th 2003.
My brother, making shit up and waving his hands

Why does Cossab sell a variety of beers and not just the beers you brew?

We have the mentality where we are open about everything because we are lovers of artisanal beer and we want to defend this ancient drink. There is a lot of great beer to try, not just the ones we make. If you don’t like the ones I make you can try something from the big variety that we have that will fit with your taste.

This is how it has been for years at the bar. People who didn’t like beer end up trying a honey beer or a fruit beer or something else.

For you, what are some example of some great Argentine beers and Breweries?

Buko, Berserker, Buller, Gambrinus, Pampa, Guillon, Antares, Stone (now closed), Berlina, La Cruz, Zepellin, Otro Mundo (before they were sole to the Heinekin group), Buena Birra Social Club. And many more!
What is your favourite Cossab beer?

I.P.A., and a bitter that we made.
Maudite! A little piece of Canada :)
In a month, how much beer do you make?

Around 2500 liters a month in the two bars. When the Urquiza location grows I guess it will be over 3000 liters.

What are your favourite beer styles?

I like all beers, but I prefer IPAs and APAs, bitters, robust touts and wheat beers.

What is your inspiration? Why did you start Cossab?

It all started almost by chance. Here in Argentina around 2002 things were really bad and with a little bit of money that we had saved with my brother we decided to set up a beer bar with beer we made ourselves. Little by little we introduced ourselves to the beer world and we got training to get to the place we are now. This year I’m going to start a beer sommelier course to keep perfecting myself and perhaps next year I will do another one. The idea is to always keep moving and to not stay still.

What time is your happy hour? How much does beer cost?

We don’t work with a happy hour. The idea is that people will come for the beers and not for an offer or a deal. It is for this reason that people come back regularly. Equally, we have prices that are very fair and competitive with other pubs. We are about 20% cheaper than the process you see in other locations.

The pints are between $22 and $24.


  1. Good stuff. I love reading about the craft beer scene abroad. I hope to go to Buenos Aires in the next year. I will make it a point to go support Cossab.

    1. Cossab is surely worth supporting! Thanks for reading. Send me a message before you go and I can give you more information :)

  2. Really nice place, I like it. I would like to visit such one. In my native city, we also have some interesting pubs. Follow the link if you want to see the photos.