Monday, January 23, 2012

Money and why I can't afford to drink (but do anyway)

Warning: If you live in BC this will piss you off!

Endorsement: If you do not live in BC you will take great pleasure in the fact that you don't live here!

I’m sure many of you would agree that job hunting sucks. I recently left my job in search of greener pastures and while the hunt has just begun I am already dreading the work that will be involved. It’s not that I don’t like doing work, I love to work, I just don’t particularly like sifting through all the crap. If only searching for a job was as much fun as searching for a delicious beverage! I’ve become well adept at finding great beer, wine, and booze I’m significantly less well adept at finding a great job. I know the going rate for a good bottle of Borolo, or a well-crafted I.P.A. and most unfortunately I know the going rate for work in a bust economy.

“$19 that’s an OUTRAGEOUS price for a 6 pack” yes it is dear customer but that’s the price we charge here in BC. “$12 an hour that’s an OUTRAGEOUS wage for the job you want me to do” yes it is dear Josh but that’s what we can get away with paying you… try and find better! While I have very little sway over the price of beer in BC, none to be exact, I hope that I have a little more sway over the wage I can command… this is probably a lofty dream of mine.

The Government of BC has decided that it is fair to charge 123% tax on wine that’s imported to the province, to be fair high-end wine is ONLY charged 55% tax. These taxes are factored in POST shipping. A wine might leave Italy at $2 a bottle, factor in shipping, consulting fee and all the other fees that are involved the bottle may end up in the port of Vancouver for lets say $4.55. This is the point at which the government marks up the price by 123% and takes some of it’s share, I say some because they have yet to include the 12% charged as HST (another tax, this time added at point of sale). Our Italian wine goes from $2 to $4.55 + 123% = $10.15. Of course stores need to make a profit so now the wine may get marked up by 20% = $12.17 and then we apply the point of sales tax totaling $13.63 which effectively means the wine has been marked up by 681.5% seems pretty reasonable eh? This is the same government that feels around $10 is a fair minimum wage. I ask you how is a man to drink?

Finding a good wine for a good price is like finding a good job that offers a good wage it’s not easy but it’s worth it. To those of you in Canada searching for a good bottle of booze for a good price I wish you luck as many province treat alcohol the same as BC, though BC is definitely the worst offender. To those of you in the rest of the world: you are lucky bastards, but stock up now cause your country may be following in BC’s footsteps as that seems to be the global trend. And to myself: good luck find a good job that will continue to allow me to drink and get paid for it! 

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  1. Funny how a lot of those taxes are hidden in the price (unlike point of sale taxes) just like with gasoline.

    I guess the alcohol is as important to the coffers of the nation as oil.

    Best of luck with the job hunt. If I owned a wine store I would hire you :)