Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rock me Amadeus - Les Brasseurs de Gouyant, Amadeus Witbier

Les Brasseurs de Gouyant (Doual, France)
500 ml Can

A little background: though it comes from France, this is a Wit bier in the Belgian style. Germany has wheat beers too, but these have much more wheat and different characteristics. I prefer wit biers, personally, but both are nice. Despite this shared ingredient, they aren't too similar. Commercial beers like Rickard's and Keith's White give a nod to the style. Hoegaarden is to Wit Bier what Guinness is to dry Irish stout.

My first impression of this beer is that it smells sort of like Orange Crush. It also has a sort of soft, chalky, dried lemon smell. Sort of like lemon candies or a sports drink. The wheat offers a nice texture to the beer and downplays the flour-y note that can come into play in the smell or the flavour with the use of this ingredient.

The lemons are in charge here in a big way. There is some lemoncello going on here. The flavour is of big, lumpy, Italian lemons. Not those wussy lemons we get in North American grocery stores. The beer throws a nice fizzy head and has a cloudy yellow thanks to the wheat.

There is a grassy spritziness to it. The lemon flavours are all fresh rind, none of the bitter pith (white stuff) flavours. Wit Biers are great for pairing with foods, enjoying in the summer, and enjoying in winter when you wish it was summer.

This would go well with a number of foods:

·         Fish and Chips
·         Oysters
·         Lemon Gelato
·         Hummus and Pitas
·         Grilled White Fish
·         Quesedillas
·         Regular Potato Chips
·         Tempura Battered Vegetables
·         Sushi would be a fun experiment, too. Anything you'd serve with Tzatziki (yogurt + cucumber dip you get with Greek food) would be nice as well.

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