Thursday, February 10, 2011

Electronic Beer Dinner

Here is a wee experiment for any beer lovers to try, wherever and whenever they please. It is a beer dinner on demand. As long as you can obtain some food and 4 bottles of Brew Dog you can re-live a degraded form of a 2010 beer dinner featuring James Watt in the comfort or discomfort of your own home. He's a busy man and can't be in two places at once. A recording is no substitute for the real thing, but it also beats no-thing at all.

There is much in the way of beer tasting advice, flavour notes, food discussion and a TON of great Brew Dog stories from James himself.

Here is how the Electronic Beer Dinner works:

1) Click here and go to Adventures in Alcohol's SoundCloud page
2) Laugh, cry and listen along to the recording of James speaking in Gambrinus Bistro
3) Drink the appropriate beers at the appropriate times, matching the recording
4) Make whatever food you wish to match the beers
5) Share your comments here or on SoundCloud's unique commenting feature.

You can comment on exact sections of the recording with questions, chuckles, and quaffing notes!

Here are the 4 beers you'll need which were featured that night as food pairings:
Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark were there too, as post dessert options. Any beer over 30% alcohol starts to follow into the 'digestif' category. Rest assured, everyone was digesting very well that eventing! As promised, my own notes will follow so you can get the full scoop on most of the Brew Dog lineup. Eventually :-P

Trust me, the high alcohol beers are no gimmick and were a flooring experience. Stick around!


  1. I will stick around, and with a 30% alc content I'm willing to bet those beers could too, a few decades maybe? Will you enjoy one with your grandchildren? I'm guessing it's a trade secret but I would be very interested in hearing how they managed to achieve such a high percentage...

  2. I'll cover how they make the high alcohol beers in more details when I put up the tasting notes from the dinner. Some techniques work up to a certain alcohol level, and then beyond a certain point they use freeze distillation.