Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poppin my Cherry (Gres Saint Paul, Romanis)

Sometimes you get lucky.  Generally speaking I have a rather dim view of France's Languedoc region, it produces an ungodly amount of wine.  Languedoc, one of if not the biggest wine regions in the world, is mostly famous for making a lot of crappy wine.  There are some wine makers who are breaking the mold, daring to make beautiful voluptuous wines.  It would seem the producer of the wine I drank is one of the few who chose quality over quantity.  For the first time ever I drank a Languedoc wine that truly impressed me.

Producer: Gres Saint Paul
Wine: Romanis
Region: Languedoc, France
Grapes: 60% syrah, 30% grenache (although I prefer the spanish term garnacha), 10% Mourvedre
Vintage: 2007
Price: $25

Notes: They say the people you end up liking the most are the people you dislike at first encounter, maybe that applies to wine too.  At first I found the aroma of this wine odd and not good, after a while my opinion changed and I started to love this wine.

There is a lot going on here.  Aroma of lanolin (wet wool), acetone, leather, blackberry, pepper.  Flavours of jam, black cherry, blackberry, pepper, lanolin, black currant leaves.  Full bodied silky smooth texture amazing wine.  I think this wine is Awesome!  That being said it's definitely not for everybody make sure you like these types of flavours and aromas before buying this wine.

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