Friday, December 10, 2010

The Bubbles of the Boot (Pergolo Prosecco)

Champagne has become synonymous with celebrating.  Ringing in the new year, birthing a child or getting a big promotion would somehow lose their appeal were they not followed by the familiar sound of a cork rocketing out of a bottle filled with bubbly libation.  The success of Champagne's campaign to make all events worth marking on the calender close friends with the most explosive of wines has been somewhat to the detriment of sparkling wine as a whole.

Arriving at a dinner party the common question is red, white or beer?  Have we forgotten that fizz of the wine variety can be enjoyed year round?  Prosecco is the fruitier cousin to Champagne.  Different production techniques yield different flavours, and while the Champagnoise can remain proud of their method of production that has been emulated the world over, they is not the the sole share holder in the world of bubbly.  Prosecco can be just as tasty if somewhat less complex than it's spotlight stealing cousin.

Producer: Montello
Wine: Pergolo
Region: Prosecco DOC, Italy
Vintage: Non-vintage
Alc: 11%
Price: $15

Notes:  Mmmm, I like this wine.  It's easy to drink and very refreshing, perfect for the summer afternoon you will soon be longing for when we hit the depths of winter.  Come Christmas and new years this will make an excellent wine to celebrate with.

Look for pear, apple, banana, floral notes, accompanied by a nice zing of minerality.  Refreshing as can be this wine is very Nice!

What's the diff?
I have now mentioned Cava, Prosecco and Champagne a couple times without giving any real information as to what separates theses bubbly beverages.  Well I'm going to leave that for a future posting as it merits more than a tiny footnote of a paragraph.

I will say Cava and Champagne are siblings, Prosecco is their cousin.  Drink a few bottles and see if you can tell the differences.  More to come soon.

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