Friday, December 24, 2010

Bacchus: Coolest Name for a Grape Ever! (Sperling, The Market White)

One of the perks of working in a liquor store is you have ample opportunity to try different wine.  Reps come through with wine, wine gets opened for staff to try, left over samples are shared with staff, this is what I like most about my job: the opportunity to try new wine without having to buy a bottle.  The one draw back to this is you don't fully get to taste the wine, as I have stated before I don't believe you can truly understand the character of a wine from a 1 or 2 oz. sample.

The other night a rep was sampling a couple wines from his portfolio to customers and staff.  While I do like the opportunity to try wine I always feel pressure to enjoy the wine when I am drinking it right in front of the rep who is serving it, reps are surprisingly touchy.  Luckily the other night I was not forced to extoll the virtues of the rep's wine with incredibly vague somewhat complimentary adjectives.  I really did like the wine that was being offered so much so that I picked up a bottle.

The wine was much as I remembered it but the flavours were slightly different than I remember from the 1 oz. sample.  In the end I like the wine just as much as when I first tried it, and now that I have had a few glasses I feel like I have gotten to know the character of this wine: we're buds...

Producer: Sperling
Wine: The Market White
Grapes: 52% Pinot Blanc, 39% Bacchus, 6% Riesling
Region: Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
Vintage: 2009
Alc: 10.9%
Price: $16

Notes: This wine is a crowed pleaser it is sweet but well balanced, it has a light fizz to it and it's very tasty.  The aroma and flavours are pretty much identical with canned peaches, floral notes, green tea and hints of minerals.  The wine is charmingly simple with a luscious texture it is Very Nice!

Bacchus God of Wine and Grape
Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and drunken debauchery also it is a type of grape.  Bacchus the grape is a granddaughter of Riesling and the daughter of Muller-Thurgau.  It's not really an important grape variety.  Bacchus is native, well was bred in, Germany.  When the Germans came to Canada they were kind enough to bring Bacchus to BC.  It ripens early which is good for cooler climates such as Canada and Germany and... the U.K. (The U.K. does have a handful of wineries).  It's a fairly obscure grape, but hey sometimes obscure is good.

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