Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vina Maipo

Producer: Vina Maipo
Region: Central Valley, Chile
Grapes: Carmenere - 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon - 15%
Vintage: 2009
Price: $8

Notes: If you want a cheap wine that doesn't really stack up even against it's peers then look no further.  It's hard to tell what the flavours and aromas are, they are very muted there is some cherry, green pepper.  Low acid, medium tannin, medium body, short finish.  I give this wine a C but for the price a C.

A gripe I have with this wine:
The name of this wine is Vina Maipo, actually it's the producer's name, one way or another it is the most prominent term on the label.  Maipo is a Valley in Chile a valley in which, the label would lead you to believe, the grapes are grown.  However if you look close enough you will find the grapes actually come from the Valle Central.

The Maipo Valley is technically part of the Valle Central but so are three other valleys.  To use a smaller region on a wine label usually indicates better quality.  If a label just says Chile the grapes could be and probably are from all over Chile, and generally such a broad region being named is an indication of an inferior wine. The Valle Central is a step up from just Chile, and Maipo is a step up from Valle Central, generally speaking.

To put the name of a valley in the name of you wine and then source grapes from a much larger region seems pretty dishonest to me.  Not only did I not particularly like this wine, although it didn't actively offend my palate, but I also think their label is dishonest.  I should point out they do have higher end wines that are actually from the Maipo Valley, but if they're not going to get their grapes from the Maipo for every wine they make they shouldn't use the name Vina Maipo for every wine they produce.


  1. Sorry, but I thought it was delicious.

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