Sunday, November 28, 2010

Repeat offender (Cono Sur, Viognier)

Here she comes again.  The Chilean maiden has reared her tasty head once more.  I figured I needed to have a white tonight.  I tend to neglect white, I always think I like red more but when push comes to shove I do enjoy a finely crafted white wine just as much as a red.  I've always believed it's hard to find a truly crappy white, at the very least it is drinkable, but the sword cuts both ways it is equally difficult to find an awe inspiring white.  Unfortunately the wine tonight did not inspire any awe in me, but it was very nice and quite refreshing.  Although I was trying to avoid Chile for a little while a co-worker recommended this wine and my budget just happened to allow for it.

Producer: Cono Sur
Region: Valle de Calchagua, Chile
Grape: Viognier
Vintage: 2009
Price: $11

Notes: Nice wine displaying peach, melon, perfume and hints of green apple on the nose and palate.  I like this wine but there are two draw backs that made me rate it slightly lower than I otherwise would have.  There is a distinct sulphur smell, it's not crazy in your face, and leaving the wine sit for a few minutes before consuming will get rid of it but nonetheless it is there.  The finish also has a sort of asparagus grassy flavour to it, it's subtle and you probably wouldn't notice it unless you were analyzing the wine but it does detract from its appeal.  I would recommend this wine despite it's short comings, it's a good example of a viognier, at a super cheap price.  Trust me it's worth a go. Rating: Nice!


  1. I just tried an Excelsior 2008 Viognier from South Africa. Let's just say it was a tad shocking. I was looking for an easy night, so I probably should have gone in for a Sauvignon Blanc... My wine definitely had the sulphur smell too, which really effected that first whiff I took. My nose dictates the taste I'll get, so needless to say, I was not too pleased with the Viognier. Too heady and high alcohol for me. I have heard, though, that some Viognier, under the right conditions, are to die for!

  2. yeah I have yet to come across an amazing viognier but I'm sure they exist, it's not a wine I often reach for so I'm relatively in-experienced. I've never had that great of luck with South African wines either, I tend to avoid them. Although I did have a fairly tasty pinotage from S.A. the other day in class.