Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quails' Gate Pinot Noir

I've had a string of mediocre to bad wine recently.  One of which was a very disappointing Bordeaux, Chateau Roquetaillade La Grange 2005 (the red, not the white), that received 90 points from Wine Spectator and cost me $30, it was decent at best definitely not a 90. I don't want to post a whole bunch of reviews of wine that suck or are near sucking so I dug into my archives and found some wine from the past that I thoroughly enjoyed, here is one of them:

Producer: Quails' Gate
Region: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
Grape: Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2008
Price: $25

Notes: I expected a lot from this wine and it delivered.  Quails' Gate is probably one of the most highly regarded wineries in the Okanagan, with good reason.  This wine had a lot going on, the nose gave aromas of Cherry, Tobacco, Strawberry and hints of spices.  The palate offered Raspberry, vegetal notes, Strawberry, Liquorish and hints of coconut.  Lightish body with good acid and a medium to long finish.  This wine was thoroughly delightful, I didn't really grade it when I wrote my notes but as far as I can remember it would have been around the A- range and for the price probably the same as it was well worth the $25.

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  1. Quail's Gate makes a very nice Pinot Noir. Whenever I give a private wine tasting, if I can show off a Pinot Noir, it is from Quail's Gate.