Friday, November 26, 2010

And now for something completely different (Errazuriz Merlot)

Based on my tasting note book it would seem that I have a very strong preference towards Chilean wine.  Over a third (just barely though) of the wine I have bought in the past month has been Chilean.  The next runner up is... nothing!  Almost every other country is represented equally, which if you're wondering is roughly a third (for each country not as a whole or we'd be missing one more third) of the Chilean wines I have bought.  It seems Chile beats every other country by a factor of three.  The only way I can explain this is, well... I love Chilean wine and it is priced so damn well for what it delivers.  So as to not break my streak I present to you...

Producer: Errazuriz Estate
Region: Valle de Curico, Chile!
Grape: Merlot
Vintage: 2008
Price: $15

Notes: The aromas on this wine are awesome, but they overshadow the flavour to a certain degree.  Look for: Blackberry, Dark Plum, Coffee, Leather, Rubber and Tar on the nose.  Complimented by flavours of Blackberry, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, and hints of spices.  Full bodied and well balanced this is a wine to try for sure.  It fits solidly into the B/B+ range I give it a 'Nice!'

Side note: You can get this wine if you live in BC, Ontario, or Quebec.  Maybe other places too!

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