Thursday, October 28, 2010

The only two worth trying

Decent wine was in great supply this week, great wine was a lot more difficult to find.  Truth be told the only great wine, the only wine I would implore you to buy (or steal if thats your thing) should you happen across it is the flying winemaker zinfandel.  The Mouton Cadet was nice but not exceptional, for it's price it's worth a go.

Producer: Baron Philippe De Rothschild (very famous)
Wine: Mouton Cadet (also famous but as an entry level brand)
Region: Bordeaux, France
Vintage: 2009
Price: $14
Notes: A nice clear golden appearance will entice you.  The aroma and flavour are mainly composed of peach, slight melon, and a hint of grass.  Nice acidity, with a medium body. This wine is easy drinking and would go nicely with seafood pasta or maybe some sharp cheese.  Best enjoyed on the first nice day of spring sitting a backyard patio.

Just in case you were curious there are only a handful of grapes allowed in a white Bordeaux: sauvignon blanc, semillon and potentially small quantities of muscadelle, ugni blanc, and colombard.  There are black grapes as well but I'll save that for future posts.

Producer: The flying winemaker a.k.a Cameron Hughes, who, I have been assured has a reputation for making great wine.  however his chardonnay under the flying winemaker brand was so so.
Wine: Zinfandel
Region: Lodi, California
Vintage: 2007
Price: $23
Notes:  Very deep ruby colour with aromas of pepper, smoke, leather, blackberry, cherry.  On the palate: cherry, blackberry, vanilla,  leather and hints of liquorish, presented with a medium body and a long and luscious finish.  This wine is among the best I have tried in this price range, a beautiful mix of fruit and earthy flavours.  Best enjoyed while sitting in an arm chair in a dimly lit room discussing life with a philosophy professor.


  1. I haven't seen this Zin in the liquor stores around here. I'm disappointed I won't be able to try it!

  2. If you ever come to Van i'll make sure to have a bottle on hand