Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Une Martini Monsieur

Recently I read an article on cocktails.  I’m not much of a cocktail drinker myself, sure I like the occasional vodka water (mostly because water is the most abundant mixer you can find and I don’t like pop) but other than that I tend to stick to beer or wine.  Generally if I’m drinking hard alcohol it’s in shot form or the occasional scotch or whiskey on the rocks.  The article peaked my interest because it made an interesting claim about martinis.  Apparently we have strayed significantly from the “three martini lunch” paradigm and moved into a new world order where three martinis at lunch will leave you bombed and in need of a short nap in the washroom stall at work.  Martinis used to be smaller and weaker alcohol.  It is now kosher to serve several ounces of gin with just a splash of vermouth; such was not always the case.

Our forefathers before us used to like a little afternoon nip on their lunch break.  These were the days of cocktails and sexual harassment at the workplace.  A martini, as I just recently learned, is delicious and less intoxicating with just a slight adjustment of mixology.    The 50/50 martini used to be a staple of every business mans lunch and I think it is unfair that the glory of the 50/50 was reserved for businessmen, lets bring it back so the business women of the world may indulge with their male counterparts.

Admittedly I was skeptical of this concoction.  If you have ever tried vermouth on it’s own then I’m sure you’ve done so only once.  It used to be the case that to any martini I would add only a splash of vermouth, but the article on cocktails in Wine & Spirits magazine has forever changed my martini habits.  I tried two different concoctions one dirty the other not so much.  For those of you who are not in the know a dirty martini is one that has olive juice added to it.  My recipes were as follows:

Non dirty:
1 oz. gin
1 oz. white vermouth
3 olives
3-4 ice cubes

Pour the gin and vermouth into a mixing glass, drop in 3-4 ice cubes and stir.  Stir until the drink is nice and cold, anywhere from 15-30 seconds.  Strain out the ice and pour into a martini glass.  Put three olives on some sort of stick, preferably a clean one, and insert into the glass.  For a dirty add about 1/3 oz. olive juice to the mix, unless you're like my friend Cat then go ahead and add 3 oz, eww.

A martini is a nice little aperitif so you might want to sip on one or two as you make your dinner.  Enjoy!

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